International Measurement Certificate

Certificate required as per
Racing Rule of Sailing 78.



Certificate No. 33396 Issued on 22-03-2024
Class H-BÅD Not valid after 31-12-2024
Sail No. DEN 610 Club Aarhus Sejlklub
Boat Name Hedone  

Builder Botnia Marin Year Built 1988
Plaque No. 3739 Hull No. 676
Keel No.  


Fully Rigged 1.450,00 Keel *
Hull *


Number Weight Position Date Measurer
* * * * *


First measurement

Measurer K. Granquist Date 16-05-1988

First Certificate

Nationality FIN Sail No. 888

Certificate authorized by Danish Sailing Association.
Class Rule compliance and dates of validity can be checked against the official website of Danish Sailing Association:

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